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Second week and revisiting Mount Takao

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A lot has happened in the past week. Firstly, last weekend I got another 4-2 score, putting me in total at 8-4 in C class. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the results sheet, so I right now it is impossible to speculate on my odds of getting promoted to B class next month. Then, among other things, on Tuesday we had the English class as usual, and yesterday, on Wednesday, me, Leon, Mitani and Kuma paid a visit to Mt. Takao.

The trip to Mt. Takao was orchestrated due to its being a relatively must-see point of interest (at least if one is visiting Tokyo for a longer period of time), and due to Leon's plan to return to Germany in late June. The mountain is easily reachable from Tokyo and offers a fairly spectacular view from its top (at about 600 meters' height from the sea level). Unfortunately the air wasn't at its cleanest on our chosen day, and we were unable to see all the way to Mt. Fuji. Some 2.5 million people visit the mountain yearly, which makes it one of the most popular mountains for tourists in the world.


Our intrepid explorers at the root of the mountain. From left: Leon Stauder, Mitani Tetsuya and Yū Hō.


Our intrepid explorers ascending the mountain


Mt. Takao is said to be inhabited by tengu, a kind of bird-man-folk from Japanese folklore. The statue in the photo depicts a tengu, though often you'll see a slightly different depiction with a red face and a long nose (instead of a beak).

After the trip to Mt. Takao, Mitani invited us to his place, where we spent the rest of the evening, among others by eating nabe (a Japanese hot pot dish) and playing go. I played on black without komi and lost by three points after a fairly good game.

As for my insei games, I wouldn't say I'm quite back to my original good playing shape yet, or at least many of my game plans are shaky at best. Included below are two of my more interesting games from last weekend, along with remarks by English class professionals.



Tomorrow will be an interesting day, as in the evening we'll get to attend the Kisei prize-giving ceremony together with Leon and Tom (of the Nihon Ki-in staff). I got to attend a similar ceremony two years ago, when Chō U won the title.


First return insei post

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One week has now passed since my return to Japan. So far, among other things, I have:

  • gotten settled down in my own small apartment,
  • met up with Leon Stauder, currently a D class insei from Germany,
  • met up with familiar English class teachers,
  • bumped (not physically) into Chō U at the Nihon Ki-in lobby and gotten a nod, and
  • finished my first insei weekend with a 4-2 score.

To my luck, I arrived in Tokyo just in time for the flower-viewing period, of which I can share the below photo.


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Back to Japan

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Hi folks! It's been a long time I didn't write here, but now I'm glad to say that:

  • Tomorrow I'm flying back to Japan, where I'll continue my studies as insei starting next weekend!
  • What's more, I get to start directly from C class due to my performance last time around (usually after such a long break, one would have to start from scratch).
  • From now on, I'll get back to writing weekly updates on insei life and on the Nihon Ki-in English class meetings!

Stay tuned for future posts!



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Gothenburg Open 2013

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Similar to last year, I visited Gothenburg this autumn, too, in order to participate in (and teach at) their annual tournament. Gothenburg Open ranks very high in my list of enjoyable tournaments thanks to its friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic organizers. This year I was accompanied by Jeff, the both of us having gotten an invitation to hold a few lectures during the tournament (last year I was teaching with Benjamin Teuber 6 dan). Jeff didn't play in the tournament, however, and as Fredrik Blomback 6 dan didn't turn in either (rumours had said otherwise), my main contestant for the win was the Chinese Yaqi Fu, also 6 dan. We met in the tournament on the third round and played a relatively peaceful game, which I won in the end. The review of the game, with thoughts from both me and Jeff, is included below.

Slottsberggymnasiet, the tournament venue

Slottsberggymnasiet, the tournament venue

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Bachelor’s thesis translation complete

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I'm happy to say that I have now finished translating my Bachelor's thesis into English! I would expect that there are still some grammar error, typos and unnecessarily complicated sentences present, so if you spot any, please drop a note!

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Bachelor’s thesis, Chapter 5; Gothenburg Open in the weekend

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Chapter 5 of my Bachelor's thesis, "Expertise in chess and Go", is now out at the thesis essay page!

I unfortunately will not have time to upload Chapter 6, "Conclusion", or Attachment A, "Basics of Go" with a similarly quick pace, as I'm traveling to Gothenburg tomorrow in order to play (and teach) at their annual tournament. You can expect a tournament overview similar to last year, afterwards, however!


Bachelor’s thesis, Chapter 4 uploaded

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The fourth chapter, Experise and memory, is now uploaded to the Bachelor's Thesis essay page! I'll try to follow this pace and get chapter five done tomorrow!


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Bachelor’s thesis, Chapter 3 uploaded

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As the title says, I've now translated and uploaded Chapter 3 of the thesis here on Go of Ten.. Different approaches to the research on expertise are presented, and these approaches will be applied to chess and Go in the following chapters. The next chapter, "Expertise and memory", may well be the one that I found the most interesting out of the whole thesis!

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Bachelor’s thesis

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About one year ago, I did my Bachelor's thesis (in Finnish) on expertise, using my skills in go as a way to approach the subject. Now, later than I'd originally planned, I'm finally getting around to translating the thesis into English! Those who are interested in learning how to become an expert on a given topic, steer forward to the third Go of Ten essay! So far I have chapters 1 and 2 translated, and I'll try to be as quick as possible with the remaining four!

Update, 28 October 2013: The original, Finnish version can be downloaded here.

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Hans Pietsch Memorial, rest of the game reviews

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After a longish pause, here come the rest of the reviews of my Hans Pietsch Memorial tournament games! Seeing as how Csaba Mero, main organizer of the tournament, put up a great report of the tournament, including some photos and also game reviews from the last three rounds, I will direct you there instead of writing my own versions.

In addition to the review of the first game that I posted earlier, then, here come the reviews ofmy round 2 and 3 games, against Ondrej Silt and Cornel Burzo respectively. Some of the opening game commentary is courtesy of my teacher, Kobayashi Chizu 5 dan professional.