Rabbity six, 27-28 November

Late in November this year, the Rabbity six tournament is coming around again. This time the tournament will do for me as a preparation for the Korean Ambassador’s Cup and the Finnish Championship, as well as the London Open Go Congress later this year. It’s going to become rather busy, but luckily I enjoy tournaments a great deal.

Rabbity six’s format is a regular five-round McMahon tournament. The big hall of Restaurant Zip at Tampere University of Technology has become almost iconic for the tournament, and works very well for its needs. Even better, the tournament’s organization is among the best in the whole of Finland, everything running incredibly smoothly. As usual, on Saturday evening there is a traditional Finnish sauna and game evening, which is likely to be the high point of the tournament for a significant number of participants (yes, including me).

If you could determine game results beforehand simply by ranks, the deciding game of Rabbity six would happen between me and Su Yang 6 dan, in a similar fashion as in the Oulu Mind Sports tournament last October. Practically speaking, I will need to be in top shape for every game, especially with Janne Määttä 4 dan, who’s beaten me numerous times. Like with my general go philosophy, however, I will not be attending Rabbity Six for the purpose of winning it; I will attend because it’s extremely fun, and because it’s one more opportunity for me to learn something new about this interesting game.

Go of Ten launches!

Hi everyone! You’ve found your way to the go blog of Ten (Antti Törmänen, Finnish 6 dan). In the not-too-distant future, expect to find here go tournament stories, training montages for said tournaments, game commentaries, go essays and go-related news. My aim is to handle the essays and commentaries in such a way that everyone will get something out from them!

I’m still getting familiar with how WordPress works, so there’s likely going to be big changes with the structure and look of this page. The theme’s likely going to change later as well, once I finish working on a new one that I can accept.

Comments are, and will always be, extremely welcome, so please write if you have anything on your mind!

Here’s a test for what go diagrams will look like. Extra points for the first reader to figure out which game this is!

Guess who?