Happy new year! I just returned home from London – was supposed to do so already yesterday, but the flight got seriously delayed. We couldn’t manage to get internet connection for our lodgings at the International Students’ House side building, that’s why there’s been no updates during the tournament.

Despite minor inconveniences (none of which related to the tournament organization – the organization was fabulous!), the LOGC was indeed a lot of fun, as I’d heard many times over. Even better was that I was able to perform well in the tournament, coming in on the first place, undefeated! Results and photos can be found at LOGC’s website.

A bit later, once I have gotten rid of my sleep debt, I’ll be adding the “decisive” game against Wang Wei here with some comments, partly courtesy of Guo Juan. I’ve also been forming an idea for a gote-related text as a result of watching The Shawshank Redemption during the London trip – hopefully I can make something really good out of it. I really liked that movie!

3 thoughts on “Post-London”

  1. Welcome back! During you absence, I thought the readers (myself particularly included) would probably be interested in how you prepared yourself for LOGC just before the tournament. Do you play practice games, or avoid playing the previous night, for example? Do tsumego in the plane?

    1. Thanks! Let’s see – my routine for the past month has been reviewing pro games (mostly Nie Weiping) on weekdays, playing an odd internet game here or there, and playing a tournament during the weekend: first Kani6, then KAC, then the Finnish Championship League. I’m pretty sure I was in top shape for the LOGC in that sense. I did play a few games just before the tournament, mainly for getting a feel for the upcoming games. The plane trip was just more Nie Weiping. :) This procedure worked out pretty well, as I feel I was able to play on a rather solid level, without big differences in my playing level between different games.

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