Finnish Championship, finished

The late 2010 championship finals are now officially over! I successfully scooped the championship for myself with a 2-1 result – Javier-Aleksi put up a splendid battle. With the Finnish points system, however, I won’t be representing Finland in the world amateur championships for a few more years. Here’s the challenge trophy I will be holding until the next championships!

Also, here are the three games we played with Javier-Aleksi in the finals. Check out the Eidogo sgf reader I recently installed! In a day or few, I’ll be commenting at least one of the games here.

Game 1: White wins by resignation

[sgfPrepared id=”0″]

Game 2: White wins by resignation

[sgfPrepared id=”1″]

Game 3: White wins by resignation

[sgfPrepared id=”2″]

4 thoughts on “Finnish Championship, finished”

  1. I watched all three games on KGS and EuroGoTV, very interesting games!

    Congratulations for a well deserved title! That double san-san fuseki was amazing…

    Can’t wait for your analysis! Laters!

    1. Thanks!

      I did consider that, but then white r17, black s17, white s19 looked like the black corner would die. I decided to go with the safe way.

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