Short and long-term future plans

As some of the readers may already know, unless something goes badly wrong, I’m set to go to Japan next September to become insei for about eight months. According to present plans, I would start as insei in October, and return to Finland sometime in early May. I won’t be able to participate in the Nihon Ki-in professional exam during this time period, as that exam starts in the summer, but I’ll see if I can take a shot at the Kansai Ki-in professional exam for western players.

In addition to my Japan plans, I am also participating in the Experience go in China program again this summer, as part student and part teacher. Of course, I’ll also be going to the European Go Congress 2011 in Bordeaux. So, even before becoming insei, my schedule will be packed full with go activities.

While in Japan, I’ll continue to teach on the internet to make sure I’ll get by. The insei train only on two days a week, so in terms of schedule this won’t be a burden — I’ll have plenty of time to write about my experiences on this blog, as well!

Quite recently, we thought up a KGS league program together with Jeff and Namii. In the league, the participants play pre-paired games against other participants, and we teachers comment the game a bit later (as soon as we can), offline. Participation in the program takes a minimum of one month. We’re starting next weekend, and for now there are still spots left for players of KGS 1k-3k strength. The introductory price, up to August, is 45e per month, for which the participants play 12 games a month, getting comments to them all — and up to August, also, the teachers will play a simultaneous game against the participants once a week, commenting them as well. Detailed information can be found on the Nordic Go Academy home page.

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  1. Good luck, Tien, I wish you to return from Asia even stronger and then rock european tournaments.
    About league. First, a little bug 😉 – page with prices displays strange symbol – Ђ – instead of euro – € (I have russian OS and everything, maybe this will help you to fix it). Second, do you plan to make lectures (in future, when you will have more people, it will be pretty efficient I think)? What you think are main advantages towards Insei League by breakfast, except much lower cost?
    If there will be class for ~2d players in July/August, I’ll consider entering this league -_-

    1. Thanks, I’ll do my best!

      We’ll see about the font encoding issue. As for the lecture question, we may indeed consider it once we get more students — at least for this summer, however, we’ll go with the current plan. The prices are indeed our main advantage compared to the insei league, although I would say that the value propositions of the leagues are significantly different. Compared to the insei league, our program is “lighter” both in terms of price and the fact that we don’t have lectures. The amount of played games will turn out to be pretty much equal in both programs, but it’s likely that the amount of reviews that a student will receive is larger in our program. Personally, I also consider the pre-paired league games an advantage of ours, since otherwise the students have to expend extra effort to get to play games.

      We’ll inform about the situation of the dan level league later. It seems likely that we’ll have the dan league at least in August — but hopefully in July as well!

  2. Nice! congratulations! I can’t wait to read more from you, I hope you can keep up with this blog and make more regular posts.

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