Insei application, confirmed

Here’s in a nutshell:

Dear Antti,

We are pleased to inform you that The Nihon Ki-In admits you to study as insei student in The Nihon Ki-In from October 2011.
Insei teachers have checked your Kifu and your application form and you have passed their criteria.

It didn’t seem to be very uncertain at any point of time, but it’s still very nice to get the formal confirmation. It seems I’m off to Japan in late September for sure!

In China, part three: Quick review of the go salon game

I had my earlier-posted go salon game reviewed by Ben, 3 dan professional, yesterday, and will write up the comments here for the readers’ delight. Due to time constraints, I won’t create figures of the kifu this time, but will simply add the comments under the Eidogo plugin. Here we go!

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In China, part two: Arrival, and playing at the Japanese go salon

Yes, Japanese go salon – not Chinese. There’s, as far as I know, exactly one Japanese-type go salon in Beijing, with a go equipment store included. I was also extremely thrilled to find a traditional Japanese room with all manner of things Fujisawa Shuko inside: his old paper fan, eyeglasses, hat, go books, go sets, etc. I spent a good while taking pictures, one of which is included right below.

After seeing the room, I went to the equipment store and got myself a replica of the fan Shuko used to have — its price was equal to ten restaurant trips in Beijing, but I wasn’t concerned about money at the time.

Of course, a trip to a go salon also involves playing. I got paired against the owner of the go salon, according to what I heard, a Chinese 6 dan. The game was of good quality, and turned out very exciting. I’m hard-pressed to find enough time to comment the game at the moment, but here’s the kifu nevertheless!

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Apart from the go salon trip, there really hasn’t been time for anything but to getting used to the new environment. The arrival was especially difficult: I didn’t sleep on the airplane at all, so I was already tired when we arrived in Beijing in the morning. I did manage to stay awake until about 5 PM, but then couldn’t help falling asleep — and waking up at 10 PM! We then went to a restaurant and passed some time, and finally got around to sleeping at 2 AM. After that, my sleeping rhythm has become somewhat more regular.

Time to go sleep now, catch you all later! I’ll try to get around to writing some thoughts about the game presented earlier.

In China, part one: Onward to China

A new blog post series begins!

My 22 days lasting trip to China, participating in the Experience Go in China program, will start in a few more hours. In about 12 hours, I’ll arrive at Beijing airport. I’ve packed most of my luggage already, but have yet to check if I really have all I need with me.

I have again somehow put off writing here more regularly, even though I’ve had plenty of time — I had an idea, just now, that I’d write a post series here about my experience in China while I’m there. If the program schedule is similar to that of 2009 when I last participated, in the morning, from 10:00 to about 12:00 Beijing time, there will be a lecture from a teacher. Then there’s a lunch break, and from about 12:00 to 14:00 everyone plays a game with another participant or with a teacher, which is afterwards reviewed by a teacher. If there are lectures with especially interesting content, I’m thinking of writing something here about them — and as I’m likely to play games with the professional teachers, too, I might as well post some of those games here with comments!

Last time, in 2009, I ended up getting almost no physical exercise while in China, which may have had a negative effect on my playing ability as well. Maybe I should go jogging every morning before the lecture?

Feel free to ask anything about my trip to China, or for specific topics for future posts – I’ll do my best to respond in kind!