In China, part two: Arrival, and playing at the Japanese go salon

Yes, Japanese go salon – not Chinese. There’s, as far as I know, exactly one Japanese-type go salon in Beijing, with a go equipment store included. I was also extremely thrilled to find a traditional Japanese room with all manner of things Fujisawa Shuko inside: his old paper fan, eyeglasses, hat, go books, go sets, etc. I spent a good while taking pictures, one of which is included right below.

After seeing the room, I went to the equipment store and got myself a replica of the fan Shuko used to have — its price was equal to ten restaurant trips in Beijing, but I wasn’t concerned about money at the time.

Of course, a trip to a go salon also involves playing. I got paired against the owner of the go salon, according to what I heard, a Chinese 6 dan. The game was of good quality, and turned out very exciting. I’m hard-pressed to find enough time to comment the game at the moment, but here’s the kifu nevertheless!

[sgfPrepared id=”0″]

Apart from the go salon trip, there really hasn’t been time for anything but to getting used to the new environment. The arrival was especially difficult: I didn’t sleep on the airplane at all, so I was already tired when we arrived in Beijing in the morning. I did manage to stay awake until about 5 PM, but then couldn’t help falling asleep — and waking up at 10 PM! We then went to a restaurant and passed some time, and finally got around to sleeping at 2 AM. After that, my sleeping rhythm has become somewhat more regular.

Time to go sleep now, catch you all later! I’ll try to get around to writing some thoughts about the game presented earlier.

2 thoughts on “In China, part two: Arrival, and playing at the Japanese go salon”

  1. WOW! Wonderful fighting game. Hard to see something like that in games of european players. Your thoughts about it will be highly appreciated.
    By the way, I heard that in China they give 6d and 7d ranks only for players who showed good results in countrywide tournaments. If it’s true, you stylishly killed one very strong player =)

  2. Very cool game! Lodurr is right, does not look much like a typical euro game. To a kyu, the opening look like it favors black, but then all kinds of life and death issues arise. :)

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