Insei application, confirmed

Here’s in a nutshell:

Dear Antti,

We are pleased to inform you that The Nihon Ki-In admits you to study as insei student in The Nihon Ki-In from October 2011.
Insei teachers have checked your Kifu and your application form and you have passed their criteria.

It didn’t seem to be very uncertain at any point of time, but it’s still very nice to get the formal confirmation. It seems I’m off to Japan in late September for sure!

9 thoughts on “Insei application, confirmed”

    1. I have reserved time until May 2012. Even if I happen to pass the pro exam during that time, I’ll return to Finland to complete my university studies first – there would be many doors open then!

  1. Hey, congratulations! This is, indeed, big news!

    Let’s get ready for Antti no Go! 😉

    BTW, which game did you submit to the Nihon Ki-in? Congrats again and best regards!

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