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While generally disliking this manner of advertising, I thought it acceptable to write a notification post for my readers regarding the up-and-coming new internet go server, the Kaya Go Server. As of now, their webpage doesn’t provide too much evidence on how the new server will be better than the current, popular ones such as Kiseido Go Server, World Baduk and Tygem baduk, but the newcomer certainly promises a lot. I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that Wbaduk’s and Tygem’s user interfaces, for instance, are quite horrifying, KGS (The old one!) being superior to them in nearly every aspect, and that KGS itself needn’t stop its services at what they provide now. Web browser accessibility would be a welcome addition, as would be an iOS port. Even more, I personally dream of the possibility to have my game database in the cloud, easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Kaya Go Server’s ambition seems big enough, but it’ll certainly be a while, still, before we’ll know how it turns out. Even if the service itself will be top-notch in quality of the software, it’ll take years to establish a user base comparable to that of KGS — and Wbaduk and Tygem may be completely out of reach without some really big sponsors. The new KGS is currently looking for donations to make the big dream possible, though their explanation for the need of money is at the moment a bit elusive. Putting up a whole new server is obviously a lot of work in itself with all the coding work needed, but there are hardware-related questions to be answered as well; for instance, a server computer is badly needed. In any case, personally I’m looking very much forward to what the new KGS can provide, and wish the very best for it.

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  1. I prefer to call it Kaya than “new KGS” or something, it’s easy and short, isn’t it?
    Main problem here is money I think, they need to pay for server, they need money for living (as they leave their work) etc., but it’s not easy to make money on go players.
    Nice to see you started writing about EGC, by the way. I’m looking forward to see your games and comments.

  2. Unfortunate choice of name. I wonder if it was deliberate, but as the owner of the “real” KGS I’d be pretty annoyed that someone else also chose a name that also abbreviated to KGS.

  3. I should scold the writer for calling it so :). I much rather like Kaya.gs or Kaya.

    We just published an interview in GoSensations were we mention slightly more about the finantial aspect. However i must mention that its not an easy issue to discuss openly with the community, as people are usually very opinionated on such subjects.

    Be that as it may, we are open to adress any concern people have. We are confident we will make a very good server well before a year passes.

    Thanks for the note :)

  4. “Even more, I personally dream of the possibility to have my game database in the cloud, easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can already do this with KGS no matter where you are. Or do you mean something else, because this is what I immediately thought of when I read that quote.

    1. You can, right — I don’t find it extremely effective, however, for if I want to for example have many accessible pro games saved on my KGS account, I need to upload them individually to the account, and after that there’s pretty much no way to distinguish between them from the browser archive.

  5. i would like to see multiple game modes.
    1.First to capture.

    2. Tsumego showdowns, which involes people completing a group of tsumego the quickest and most accurately against others with the same problems. The fastest an most acurate being the winner.

    3. Group lightning games, with 2 or more players on each team taking turns for fun. Could become clan matches all with short times of 10s to prevent cheating.

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