Finally, getting interesting

Long time no write!

Well, it’s actually been only a little more than one week, but what with all the activities I’ve had recently, it relatively feels like a longer time. As I wrote last week, I did two interviews and visited in total three different go schools in addition to that of Nihon Ki-in’s. Actually, I still haven’t got too much time to formulate a long blog post, so for now I’m only writing this as a status update. In less than two hours, I’m meeting with an acquaintance at the Nihon Ki-in, in order to play a few games and study together before the weekly English class. The acquaintance is not a professional, but is still close to professional level.

Some of you may have noticed that I also have a Twitter account. Since writing longer blog posts takes its own time, it might be handy if I wrote quicker status updates mostly by Twitter. I’ll look into whether I can implement a feature on this page’s right-side bar to show my latest few Twitter posts. Up until then, feel free to have a look at my Twitter page. I haven’t written too much there so far, but that’s likely change soon!

This blog post’s topic is referring to the fact that I went up another class this weekend. The last six games in D class yielded me four wins and two losses, the losses being by 0.5 and 3.5 points to insei number 1 and 4 respectively. Seeing how even the D class insei are wiping the board with me in the endgame, I’ll need to expend some extra effort on that in the future. In the end, with a total of four losses and 22 wins, I only got the second place of D class. In other words, starting next weekend, I’ll be insei number 10 in class C. Here’s the results sheet from Saturday:

The numbers at the bottom represent wins and losses from the first two weeks.

Close by to the Nihon Ki-in, I spotted a funny advertisement that I also want to share:

The text above the cow is 今日から私も九段つう... = Kyou kara watashi mo kudan tsuu. The tsuu could be understood in several ways, but I believe you could also interprete this as "From today on, I will also aim for 9 dan." That's one strong cow!

Some of you may have noticed from Facebook that I visited Mimura Tomoyasu 9 dan’s go school last week, and that I also got an invitation to study more there if I want. As if I’d pass up the opportunity! Mimura sensei used to be Fujisawa Shuko’s disciple — Shuko, as some of you may remember, being my favorite professional player. My initial interest towards this particular go school originates from there, but after my visit to the school, its atmosphere and Mimura sensei’s character made the school seem even more interesting. As it looks at the moment, I’m probably going there both tomorrow on Wednesday, and again on Friday. Some other insei attend the school as well; last week I spotted two E-classers, one D-classer and Mimura junior, who is in B class. As I have limited time now, I’ll come back later to describe the school in more detail. The most impatient of the readers may want to check Tom’s blog post about the same visit to the go school, with a few photos included!

5 thoughts on “Finally, getting interesting”

  1. What happens if two insei are tied for a result?
    If i look at the result sheet correctly insei 3 and 4 in the D group had the same 14-7 result?

    Which one of them will get the last spot to C group?

    Congratulations on getting to C group!

  2. My interpretation from google translate:

    “Mr Antti, who is a graduate student, came all the way from Finland and visited our club today. He’s 22 and has worked for a year to spare the money to come to Japan. Now it’s all strong Yen. A serious young man, it is quite skillful and he also studied Japanese for three years. Moomin fans will be familiar with Finland.”

    Please help out.

    The literal Google translate: “Came all the way from Finland to Japan, Mr. Ante with a graduate training, came to the gym today.
    I tried to sell the destination first across, and people in the firm. To B class and not the Agareru thought.
    22 year old he is working so he earned money to come to Japan for one year. Now it’s hard and strong yen.
    I 浮Kabanakatta is only about Santa Claus and Moomin Speaking of Finland, Moomin fans so pretty (Mimura families to come out) it just feels familiar.
    A serious young man, it is quite skillful and also studied Japanese for three years. Jiitto was looking in the book of Dr. Hideyuki decorate your forehead.
    In Japan, long a Irurashiku is limited, while the fullest luck with go far, if I can lend a strength I can do something.
    Tomorrow will be the eight-stage race Fujio KOMATSU A handicap qualifying round go saint. I work hard so that it is closing towards the end.”

    1. My rough translation.

      “Antti-kun, who came all the way from Finland to be insei, came to the dojo today.

      First, I played him, giving him the black stones. He was fairly solid. I expect him to rise to B-class soon.

      He’s 22 years old, and saved money for a year to come to Japan. It must be hard with the strong yen these days.

      Personally, I could only think of Santa Claus and Moomin when I heard Finland. But I’m a big Moomin fan (especially since Mimura clan (Mymlans?) are in it), so I somehow feel close to it.

      He’s serious and likable, and having studied for 3 years, his Japanese is very good. He was staring intently at Shuko-sensei’s calligraphy on the wall.

      He has limited time in Japan, so I’d like for him to get as far as he can during that time. And if there’s something I can do to help, I’d like to do that.

      Tomorrow, I have a Kisei preliminary A game against Komatsu Fujio 8p. I want to make this a good result to the end the year.”

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