Article on me in Helsingin sanomat

Today, on Friday, 25 November, I was featured in the People section of Helsingin sanomat, Finland’s biggest newspaper. I don’t have the facilities to include a scan of the article on this page, and it wouldn’t be of much use either, the article having been published in Finnish only. The article mostly covered information about me, how I started playing and how my go career has roughly been up to date, and what I’m now doing in Tokyo.

To those who are now reading this blog as a result of having read the article and found the link here from there, I can suggest two additional pages: the Finnish go wiki of Suomigo and my Finnish travel blog Insei Japanissa, which has a smaller emphasis on go and a larger emphasis on my everyday life.

6 thoughts on “Article on me in Helsingin sanomat”

  1. Just a side note for foreigners; getting your face in HS is a biggish deal in Finland, for hardly in any other (democratic) country has one newspaper brand such a prominent nation-wide position. HS is served daily to some 400000+ homes, that is, assuming an average size of family around 4, to some third of the nation’s population.

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