Newsflash: Finnish championship final 10-11 December

It hasn’t been advertised very publicly, but the final stage of the Finnish championship 2011 tournament is played just this weekend. The two players with the best results in the Finnish championship league, Javier-Aleksi Savolainen 5 dan and Vesa Laatikainen 5 dan, play a best of three match to determine the Finnish champion of 2011. Game number one is scheduled for Saturday, 11:15 AM EET time, number two for Saturday, 15:15 PM EET time, and number three, if necessary, for Sunday, 11:15 AM EET time.┬áThe games will be broadcast live on KGS in Sauna room by the FinFinal account, and on EuroGoTV-FI. Please come watch and enjoy the show! I will be definitely following the games as well, once I get back home from the Nihon Ki-in.

C class insei games

I’m still in a power-saving mode because I’ve been incredibly busy lately again, but I figured I’d quickly post two of the C class higher-end insei games I’ve played.

The first one here was against the second-ranked insei: this was probably the game that I lost the most badly last weekend. Comments are mostly courtesy of Kobayashi Chizu-sensei, who kindly analysed most of my last weekend’s gamest when we met last Wednesday. She gave me some tasty French cheese and bread as a present, too!

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