C class third week update

As some of you may already have read from my Twitter page, I got three wins and three losses last weekend. It’s easiest if I just show the photo of the results sheet now that I managed to take one:

The photo’s quality is again a little bit bad: I lost to insei 11 by half a point, and to insei 2 by 2.5 points. Yesterday, at the Mimura dojo, I played a dojo league game against Mimura junior and lost by 1.5 points — all of these losses seem to be caused by my donating away free points in the endgame! Some endgame training is definitely in order. I did also play a 10-second game against Mimura-sensei yesterday, and the game stayed quite interesting until early endgame, when I finally messed up and lost any hope of a close game. Also, as I wrote just a bit ago, I also got a nice tsumego collection to work out from Mimura-sensei.

Seeing from the results so far, it now seems impossible for me to rise to B class next month, as I’ve way too many losses. I’ll be working my hardest not to drop to D class instead!

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Insei tsumego, part 2

I was at Mimura-sensei’s go dojo again, yesterday. This time he nicely printed me a set of 110 go problems with seemingly basic shapes, for some good regular training. I’d seen other insei having similar stapled tsumego collections earlier, and this was the first one I got for myself! I’m not exactly sure what kind of a convention the dojo has with these, but just as a precaution, I’m thinking of doing all the tsumego by the next time I go to the dojo. Better to be an overworker than a slacker!

Here’s a photo of the tsumego collection, named 山田の詰碁2, Yamada no tsumego 2, and a excerpts from inside. This time, the problems are much less inhuman, and I’d imagine stronger kyu players can get them right as well. There are some recurring shapes here, completely on purpose. I again compiled the problem diagrams with jGoBoard.

Edit evening 13th December: All problems are black to play.

Yes, those are the page numbers up there. Yes, all the pages are similarly full of problems.

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