Season’s greetings!

Ie. Merry Christmas from me! This year’s insei training concluded last weekend; I played against insei numbered 3-6, 8 and 9, winning five games and losing one against 齋藤, more or less because of a poka. With a total result of 13 wins and 11 losses, I kept my seventh place in C class for the next month.

Up until now, I’d been playing rather peaceful games, quite unlike my usual style — my reasoning to that was that Japan would be the perfect place to train more on that. Since my staying in class C was in danger, last weekend I went for my more usual crazy fighting games, which may be why last weekend’s result turned out as it is.

Now, we’re having two free weeks from insei training, which means some time for relaxation and looking around Tokyo for a change. A complete break from go is of course no good; I’ll be at least doing tsumego each day in order not to accumulate any rust in my play. Once I find a suitable timing, I’ll probably start planning and writing the kikashi essay I thought of earlier.

Here’s the final C class results sheet and one of my crazier games last weekend! The kifu is shortened a little bit from the end (mostly because I don’t remember exactly what happened), but has all the required information as to what finally happened.

[sgfPrepared id=”0″]

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  1. Seems like move 38 is a basic violation of the basic concept of cut & connect. Given the fairly wild, intuitive play by White I suspect it’s a young kid.

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