Excerpt from the Weekly go newspaper, part 2: ten classic tesuji

Remember the ten classic tsumego from last week? This week, the Weekly go newspaper conducted a similar research on the most popular tesuji among (most likely the same) 130 professional players, in an article named “The real pleasure of go”. When including the problem diagrams in this fashion, it is not obvious in all cases what black is exactly supposed to do; for that reason, I’m adding a short introduction for a few of the tesuji problems. The tesuji range in level from lower-end single digit kyus to higher-end single digit kyus — I would say again that most, if not all, dan players should be familiar with these tesuji already. And if not, now’s a chance to rectify the situation! Again, the diagrams have been made with jGoBoard.

I wonder if we’re getting ten best endgame moves next week?

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