Status update and a 30-minute tsumego test

The last week’s been usually busy again. Around last week’s Wednesday I caught a cold, although for a Finn, the temperature’s been really high for this time of the year. During daytime, it’s something like 5°C here in Tokyo, while it’s been -30°C in my hometown of Oulu for the last week or so. That’s the kind of temperature that you cannot be sure whether you’re able to start your car or not!

While I did catch the cold, it wasn’t luckily too big of a deal. I probably had a temperature, but nothing past 37.5°C — not enough to prevent me from participating in the weekend’s insei games. The headache that came with the cold made playing slightly difficult though, and I noted an interesting shift in my play: playing the opening game was easy, as I wasn’t able to over-think things, but I lost control further into the games. In the end, I did manage to win three of the six games, which is a fine defense.

For the past week, I’ve been continuing my professional game memorizing plan, although at a slower rate of new games. In addition, I’ve done something like a whopping 1000 tsumego just this week. When I yesterday returned to the Ichikawa dojo from about one week’s absence, I scored both three wins out of three games (including a win against Mimura Kenta, insei B class), and also got the top score at a 30-minute tsumego test we had. Usually I would have trouble even solving all the tsumego in time, but somehow this time around I finished five minutes early — and while I did miss two solutions, I still got the top score out of the students. As we didn’t hold our English class this week, and the last weekend’s games weren’t of too high quality in the end, I thought to include the afore-mentioned tsumego test this time for the readers’ interest. All the 15 tsumego are in the following sgf file!

edit February 9 20:55: Whoops, forgot two key stones from the very first problem. Sorry! Fixed now.

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12 thoughts on “Status update and a 30-minute tsumego test”

  1. Thx for posting, it will be a very good training.

    All of them is B to play? If U have time, can I PM you my answer for a correction (in order to no disturb other reader to try to solve them)

    1. Well, figuring out the move order could be seen as part of the problem, so I won’t say anything there. :)

      I think it’s fine if you simply write your answers here in the comments, as most people won’t be looking here at all — and even if some do and see the coordinates you wrote, it takes effort to find out what intersections they correspond to on the board.

      1. Thank you so much for your enjoyably educational go blog!
        I greatly appreciate the time you spend here to help us.

        I’m a weak player, but doing reading practice on your 15 tsumego
        problems has been especially fun, maybe because of the game-like
        positions? Although, I would have zero chance of solving any of
        these in a real game.

        1. E17 E16 F17 G16 F18 F19 E19 D19 D18.
        E17 E16 F17 F18 G16 D17 F16 D18 G19 F19 D19.

        2. B16 B17 B18 A16 D19.
        B16 D15 B17.

        3. (Don’t know. I must have missed that tsumego class.)

        4. B18 B17 C17 B19 A18 A17 D18 A19 B16 A16 G19.
        B18 B17 C17 A18 B19 C19 D18 A19 B16.

        5. E17 E18 D16 F17 D19 E19 F18 B19 F16 E17 F19 D19 H19.

        6. E18 E16 D18 D17 F18 F17.
        E18 D18 F18 D19 D16.

        7. E18 F18 E17 E19 C18 C19 B18.

        8. E19 F19 G19 G18 F18 H19 J19.

        9. (Don’t remember. The dog ate my answer sheet.)

        10. D16 D17 C18 C19 B19 D18 E19 D19 H18.
        D16 D18 E19 D19 H18 E19 D15 B19 C18.

        11. D17 E17 D16 E16 C18 D19 E19 C16 G19.
        D17 E17 D16 E16 C18 C16 D19 D17 B18.

        12. F18 G18 F19 G19 G17 E19 F18 F19 E17 F18 H18.

        13. F16 G16 G17 E16 F18.
        F16 G17 G16 H16 H18 E16 E17 G15 F18.

        14. (Don’t have a clue. Maybe I need better glasses.)

        15. G18 F17 H17 K16 G19 H19 E19 E18 D18 C18 D19 C19 F19.

        1. Thanks! Here are your answers!

          1. correct
          2. correct
          3. —
          4. correct
          5. correct
          6. mainly correct, though in the end, white should live in sente
          7. wrong, white has something better than c19 in your variation
          8. correct
          9. —
          10. correct
          11. correct
          12. correct
          13. correct
          14. —
          15. correct

          All in all 11/15, well done!

      1. kimidori, ah, nice solution for #3. Thanks! I had a huge blind spot for that 2nd eye at E16.

        Ten, thank you for the feedback. I now see your point for #6. I had stopped reading after I saw that Black lived. Duh.

        OK, one more shot at main lines for 7, 9, and 14, and then I’ll be quiet:

        7. E18 F18 C18 D17 C17 E17 A17.
        E18 F18 C18 E17 D17 E19 B18.

        9. F17 F18 G16 F17 J19 G18 E19 F19 H19.
        F17 G16 F18 E19 G18.

        14. J19 G17 D18 F16 E18 F18 G19.
        J19 F18 G17 G18 D18.

        That strong players can accurately read out even these relatively simple problems in less than 2 minutes per problem is still incomprehensible to me.

        1. Well, for me B18 is the most tricky variation,otherwise I think the first move (C17) is the key.
          Btw, I spended more than 10′ on the first one, but a little bit faster on the next 2. Maybe I was to nervous when doing insei problems,lol.

          1. 14. E18 D18 G18.
            E18 F18 D18 G17 F16 F17 E16.

            Very counterintuitive 1st move! I’ll never admit how much time I wasted on this !@#$%& problem.

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