Another 30-minute tsumego test!

For those who are craving a new batch of challenging tsumego, here’s another 30-minute test from the Ichikawa dojo! My score this time was 17 out of 20, which included a few simple overlooks. Be careful, in other words!

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7 thoughts on “Another 30-minute tsumego test!”

  1. Some of the problems seem really easy (kyu level, for instance the 4th) and others really difficult (I’m 1d). Did I miss something or are some of them really easy?

    1. There are problems of varying levels, to be sure. I agree that a number of the problems are fairly simple, but another portion is rather tricky.

  2. By request, here come the solutions in text format — spoiler alert!

    1. d19 f18 a18 — thanks for pointing out the typo, Myron!
    2. d18 c18 b19
    3. a18 a17 e19
    4. e19
    5. j19
    6. g19 h19 e19 f19 f18 f17 g17
    7. d19 b17 a18
    8. g19 j19 k18 f19 e19
    9. a18
    10. b18 b17 c19
    11. b15 b14 c19 — there was yet another typo here that was corrected. Black lives without ko.
    12. d19 f16 d18 e17 g18
    13. b19 a17 a15 b16 g18
    14. b18 b17 b19 c17 e18 e17 a17 c19 f19
    15. e18 e19 d19 g19 > one move yose ko
    16. d18 d19
    17. b18 b19 a17 a18
    18. b17
    19. f15 g15 e14 f14 e15
    20. b17 d17 b18 a18 d18 d19 e17 d18 b19

    1. Another fun set of problems. Thank you so much!

      I assume that #1 has a typo, i.e., should be:
      1. D19 F18 A18

      I don’t understand #11’s solution, which seems to lead to an unpleasant ko for Black?
      11. B15 B14 D19 E19 F19 C19 E18 A15.

      Doesn’t Black live unconditionally with:
      11. B15 B14 C19 D19 E19

      And does #6 have an alternate, but more complex solution?
      6. E19 F19 F17 H19 F18 D19 F16 E19 G19 G18 C19.
      6. E19 F19 F17 F18 H19 G17 F16 D19 G19 C18 B17.

      1. Thanks for the notices! Fixed #1 and #11 now.

        Black e19 in problem #6 is slightly problematic. While it does seem to succeed in killing white, it leaves significantly more aji towards the upper side, as white could play for instance j19>k19>g19 as a response. Just in the context of this problem, however, your way does look possible. You’d prefer the killing way of black g19 first, because that way it’s quite clear that white cannot advance (too much) to the upper side.

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