Student go oza, snow and earthquakes

Long time no write! Life in Japan is hectic as usual: in addition to my normal weekly activities, I’ll be doing some interviews in the near future, and I’ve got some visitors (including my parents) to entertain as well. The interviews will be for Igo Mirai, a Nihon Ki-in go magazine, and for NHK. On next week’s Sunday, some reporters will come to the apartment to take a few pictures of me!

It’s certainly been interesting here in Japan lately: in the last few days, there’s been several noticeable earthquakes, albeit they’ve only been worth 2-3 richters in Tokyo. It was rather interesting to wake up this morning due to the building moving. Apparently there’d been a 5-richter quake somewhere along the east coast of Japan.

Apart from earthquakes, there was also a really good snowstorm yesterday. I feel pictures tell more than words, here:

Although you cannot see it, the snowflakes were actually falling in a 60° angle, in the way that they travelled more horizontally than vertically.

I was observing the Student Go Oza 2012 tournament yesterday and two days ago. They’d set up a small, cosy playing room in Ginza, very close by to Hotel Monterey La Soeur in which the participants were accommodated. Due to there being about as many staff members as players, and the playing room being rather small in the end, the atmosphere was rather intimate. Here’s a few more pictures!

I wonder if I should get a good camera sooner or later for higher quality photos. It’s starting to seem like an iPhone will just not cut it anymore.

In the end, the tournament not surprisingly came to a final between China and Korea; this time, China triumphed.

On insei games’ side, the “curse of the last day” struck me last Sunday, leaving me with a 0-3 result on Sunday. Even a 3-0 result would not have cut it to get a promotion to B class, though, so in the end I only lost in terms of my position in C class. Still, since every game is important, I’ll have to fight hard to beat the curse next month!

2 thoughts on “Student go oza, snow and earthquakes”

  1. You should stay and become pro. Just go for it – learn the language a bit, get nice connections, and try your best (A year and a half maybe). I am sure you will do it, and even if you don’t, your go will probably improve by so much. Every month you rub shoulders with pro’s will shave off like 1 year of your own study in the west (which study you will probably still do since go has been a large part of your life up to this point). And if you make it to pro – you would be part of a super elite class, and would probably ruin everyone in the west. Think about it – you seem to have the right attitude, the right approach to an asian coulture, and you’re having fun. Extend it by a year! And keep the blog running!

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