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I felt like putting some tsumego up after I stated I won’t be scribing the 80-tsumego test. Here are my two favorite problems from the last collection I worked through, 求真詰碁2. Finding the answers needs some out-of-the-box thinking! Target audience is dan-level players.

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6 thoughts on “Tsumego of the week”

  1. hello from Mexico, I like your blog a lot especially the tsumego, most of them i have never seen before, in the second tsumego ..

    b13 a13 d16 c15 b15 c14 is correct? well there seem to be some more variations.,, but b13 the first move right?

    1. Greetings from Japan! Thanks, I’ll be sure to continue posting tsumego. :)

      You basically got the answer with that sequence. Black b13 and then d16 are the key moves, and then white cannot prevent the second black eye no matter how hard he tries.

  2. Thank you for more good problems! Both seem to have unique 1st moves that show how subtle move timing can be.

    My guess for the 1st problem:
    c14 b16 c16 c15 b17 d14 d17.
    c14 b12 c17 c19 b16 a12 d14.

      1. You’re right, I needed to show what is probably White’s trickiest defense:
        c14 d14 c15 c16 c17 b16 c19.

        Which raises a question:

        During your insei tests, do the grading pros mark you wrong on a problem, if you neglect to show an interesting variation in your solution?

        1. That would be the correct solution!

          We don’t have any “insei tsumego tests”, only tests we do at the dojo, which are held by Mimura-sensei. The dojo has non-insei pupils, too. Most of the time, we’re checking the answers by ourselves, so we can just see if we read through the solution answer’s move tree correctly. Sometimes Mimura-sensei does the checking; in that case, it’s good to show the most difficult resistance white can put up, and of course also showing the best result for both sides (if the situation becomes, for example, ko). Pretty often, neglecting to show an interesting variation will not fail the tsumego, as long as you show the correct tesuji for black.

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