Tsumego of the week, part two

Here comes the latest 30-minute tsumego test we did at the Ichikawa go dojo. I got the highest score out of all the students, but still made a simple misread in the last problem. The problems aren’t actually all that difficult, but a hint may come in handy: remember, search for the best result for both players. That’s what tsumego is all about.

Black goes first in all problems. Sometime later I’ll add the answers as a comment to this post!

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7 thoughts on “Tsumego of the week, part two”

  1. Thx. These are awesome. The last one was quite tricky for me. I spent 15 minutes without noticing the obvious tesuji. I wonder how many of these I’ve missed in real games.

  2. Antti, thank you for even more interesting and helpful problems!

    As a desperately/hopelessly kyu level player, I find that a tsumego’s correct 1st move is often the 3rd or 4th move that I look at, i.e., I waste a LOT of time. Is that just a problem of not memorizing the “vital points” for enough shapes? For example, when you finished 1st in your tsumego solving test, did you usually “know” the 1st move, and then spend most of your time ensuring that White doesn’t have a refutation?

    In any event, my solution guesses:
    1. A18 B18 B19 C18 A17 A19 B19.
    2. E19 D18 F19 H19 E17.
    E19 E17 D17 D18 H19.
    3. B19 H19 C19 D19.
    B19 D19 C19 F19 E17 H19 D18.
    4. D19 F19 C19 F17 B19 F18 A18.
    5. K19 F19 E18 E19 C19 B14 F18 B19 G19.
    6. F19 E19 H19 G17 F19 E18 D17.
    7. G19.
    8. D18 D19 B18 D17 A19 E15 C19.
    D18 C19 B18.
    9. E19 H19 F16 G19 C19.
    E19 F16 C19 D19 H19.
    10. A18 B19 B14 B13 E15 B18 A17.
    A18 B19 B14 B13 E15 C19 B18 F19 A19.
    11. F18 G17 E17 G16 F19 F16 D18.
    12. B19 C18 D19 A19 G19 D18 H19 D16 E19.
    B19 C18 D19 A19 G19 J19 D18 F19 B18.
    13. A18 B19 C18 C19 D17.
    A18 B19 C18 D17 C19.
    14. B19 D19 D18 F19 A18.
    15. F18 F17 F13 G18 E18 J19 D19 F19 E18 F18 C19.
    F18 F17 F13 F19 G18 C19 H19.

    1. You’re welcome!

      These problems were quite simple to me, so mostly I saw the first move right away, and just had to read that through. When I encountered ko, I had to check if there was a better way available. With harder problems, it gets difficult for me as well to find the first move, and I end up using a lot of time as well. I suppose it’s the knowledge of vital points and tesuji that make the solving quicker.

      1. Correct!
      2. Correct!
      3. Correct — it becomes ko.
      4. Correct!
      5. Correct!
      6. Correct — this one is another ko.
      7. Correct!
      8. Correct — also ko!
      9. Correct!
      10. Correct!
      11. Wrong — check white’s resistance.
      12. Correct!
      13. Correct!
      14. Wrong — again, check white’s resistance.
      15. Correct!

  3. Aaaaaack, I missed the trivial ko defenses for 11 and 14. Well, at least I’ve left myself plenty of room for improvement.

    14. F18 G17 E17 E18 D18 D17 G16.

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