Last weeks in Japan, part 2: final 30-minute tsumego test

This time I’m presenting (likely) the last 30-minute tsumego test I’ll do at the Mimura go dojo. I’m still going there one more time, on next week’s Wednesday, but it’s not sure if we’ll have a test then or not. This time around the tsumego were fairly easy, relatively speaking, and kyu players should have a fair chance at getting them right as well. Some five-six students (myself included) got a perfect result, and even the rest got something in the range of 15-22 correct (23 was maximum).

As usual, expect the answers to the tsumego later on in the comments section. All problems are black first, but remember to look for the best result for both sides.

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Last weeks in Japan, part 1: final insei games with commentaries

Expect a slightly longer series of blog posts describing my final days here in Japan. As you may remember, my flight back to Finland is on May 11, and as such I will be at least participating in some Finnish tournaments this summer, as well as in the European Go Congress. Kidō Cup I will skip, as I feel it’d be too soon after my return — while I like traveling, too much is too much.

Last weekend I scored a perfect 6-0 result, which placed me cleanly on the first place of C class with 19 wins and 5 losses. I didn’t happen to take a photo of the final results sheet, but I believe the second place was reached with 15 wins and 9 losses. In this first post of the series, I’ll present two of my games from last weekend, one against 藤原 (Fujiwara, who got promoted to B class) and one against 今野 (Konno, who also got promoted to B). Most of the comments are courtesy of the English class attending professionals, but a part of them are my own.

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