Last weeks in Japan, part 2: final 30-minute tsumego test

This time I’m presenting (likely) the last 30-minute tsumego test I’ll do at the Mimura go dojo. I’m still going there one more time, on next week’s Wednesday, but it’s not sure if we’ll have a test then or not. This time around the tsumego were fairly easy, relatively speaking, and kyu players should have a fair chance at getting them right as well. Some five-six students (myself included) got a perfect result, and even the rest got something in the range of 15-22 correct (23 was maximum).

As usual, expect the answers to the tsumego later on in the comments section. All problems are black first, but remember to look for the best result for both sides.

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7 thoughts on “Last weeks in Japan, part 2: final 30-minute tsumego test”

  1. Am I wrong or does the level of the problem fluctuate a lot this time? Even I (1 dan) could solve some of them in seconds – or did I miss a strong resistance (which is entirely possible…)? I’d thought you’d get only high dan problems to solve :)

    1. It was definitely an easier test than usual — I took on average less than one minute per problem, and that included absolutely making sure that there was no better way that white could fight back. The dojo varies the level of tsumego a bit; sometimes there’s more and easier problems, sometimes fewer and harder.

    1. Something about the structure of your sentence hints that you only did the first problem, and missed the 22 that are remaining. Or is it just me?

  2. Solutions, including my own usual weak kyu player blunders, just to see if anyone is paying attention:

    1: C15 D14 A15
    2: B16 C16 C15 D16 C14
    3: E17 (E18 and D16 are miai)
    4: C17 C18 D19 C19 G19 D19 B18 C16 B19
    5: D19 C19 E17
    *: D19 E16 D17 C19 E18
    6: D16 D15 E17 B15 E15
    7: D17 C17 E18 B17 C19 B19 D19 C18 E17
    *: D17 E18 C18 C19 C17
    8: D18 D17 F19 E19 G19
    *: D18 F17 D17 D19 C16
    *: D18 G19 D17 D19 C16
    9: B18 C18 B17 B19 D16 A14 C16
    10: E16 F16 D16 C16 C19 E15 E19
    11: A18 A17 D18
    12: D19 C19 E19 F19 E17
    13: B18 B19 (ko)
    14: B17 B16 C17 D17 D16 B18 C15
    15: D18 C19 E18 F18 D17
    16: C17 D17 B18 C16 D19
    **: C17 B18 B16 C16 D18
    **: C17 C16 B18
    17: F18 G18 E18 E17 G17 E19 F18
    18: F18 G18 C19 D19 E18
    19: D17 C17 C16 E17 B19 A15 D19
    20: A18 B18 B19 A17 A15 (ko)
    21: C16 C15 C17
    **: C16 C17 B17 C15 E15
    **: C16 B17 D17 C17 D15
    22: D16 D17 D15 C17 E14 C14 E15
    **: D16 D15 D17 D14 E15
    23: G19 F19 F18 H19 H18 E18 G19 (unfavorable 2 stage ko)

    Thank you so much again for the fun problems.
    We’ll be looking forward to watching you take over European go!

    1. Thanks! Time to go with the answers, then!

      1: correct
      2: correct
      3: correct
      4: correct
      5: correct
      6: correct
      7: correct
      8: correct
      9: correct
      10: correct
      11: correct
      12: correct
      13: correct
      14: correct
      15: correct
      16: correct
      17: correct
      18: correct
      19: correct
      20: correct
      21: correct
      22: correct
      23: correct

      You got full marks, good job!

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