Changes underway: new camera

Long time no write! I’m planning on getting back to this blog business as quick as possible. Up to now, I’ve been taking photos for Gooften with the camera on my phone, which is why the picture quality up to now hasn’t been too spectacular. I have now procured for myself a compact camera for amateur use, with 14 megapixels. Of course I still have to avoid uploading photos too big, but even then, the difference in quality is quite astounding:

Phone camera photo, highest quality but reduced size
Compact camera, highest quality but reduced size

With this hardware update, I hope the readers are looking forward to my photos from future tournaments (eg. congress in Bonn). I, for one, sure am!

Apart from such an update, I’m also considering if I should finally make some changes to the layout to the page, possibly also getting a self-taken banner photo or something. Nothing is certain yet on this part, but I’ll keep on thinking about it.

Also, in my mind I’m currently developing an idea of a new essay, about either joseki or suji (I couldn’t decide yet). Now that I read back to my own texts, I see I wasn’t really able to collect my thoughts (and present them in clear form) in the previous¬†kikashi essay, so sooner or later I may also return to have a second try at that.

7 thoughts on “Changes underway: new camera”

  1. A good way to organize and collect your thoughts is to write an outline, and stick to it. If the outline is logically organized, the actual material should be too!

  2. I recently discovered your blog.

    I stop blogging 4 years ago, and that was my biggest mistake ever. It’s amazing how much you can get from a blog, you know that…

    Keep the good work!

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