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This year is going to be a busy tournament year for me, both in terms of Finnish tournaments and tournaments abroad:

This week, tomorrow in fact, I’ll be going to Bergen, Norway, in order to participate in the Bergen Open go tournament. Bergen Open is going to be a relatively small event, but I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends from China there — and the small holiday trip is quite welcome, too! You may expect some photos from there, next week.

In July, there is of course the European Go Congress in Bonn, Germany. There’s going to be another reunion there: just in terms of Japanese professionals, there’ll be six English class participants present there! And that’s only for starters, as there’ll still be many many more friends and acquaintances present (I find this to be one of the best characteristics in go congresses). Lately I’ve been training both my German and Japanese in order to be able to function as an interpreter. Also in July, I’ll be participating in one tournament in my home town of Oulu (where I’ll likely get to play another game with Jeff), and possibly in another tournament in Turku, also in Finland.

Since I missed out on the Finnish championship tournament last year, I’m going to have to restart there all the way from the qualifiers this year. The second qualification tournament will be in early October, probably one or two weeks after the Hans Pietsch memorial in Germany, which I will also be attending. Finally, I also already registered to Gothenburg Open 2012, 26.-28. October. Seeing how this probably still isn’t all in terms of tournaments for me, I’m probably looking at well over a dozen tournaments for this year!

14 thoughts on “Incoming tournaments”

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of tournaments!

    I think that taking part in many go tournaments is a good way to improve your skills because it makes the games more meaningful and it also keeps your daily motivation higher.

    Best of luck in Bergen!

  2. Worry not, Antti, I have another tournament for you, although late in the year!

    Kani 6 2012-2 is returning to it’s usual spot in November, so it’ll likely serve as a nice end-of-the-year treat, eh? *grin*

    TTgoK will be giving out the details on dates and such in coming months, closer to September probably, but worry not, the tournament is in the works anyhow!

      1. Oh we wouldn’t be so fool-hardy as to try joust any other significant tournaments!

        But luckily we already saw a perfect chance for the tournament: The weekend of 10.-11.11.
        Sign-up happens here:

  3. Good luck sensei! :) I bet it will be interesting to see how the trip to Japan affected Your go in relation to European top :]

  4. I’m planning to come on gothenburg open to :)
    Last year it was a really good tournament with over 60 people, and also catalin taranu was there and reviewed a lot of games for us. Maybe I’ll see you there :)

  5. Congratulations, it seems you have won your first round against Mitic Dusan.

    I’m really interested in your game with Ryu Seung-Hee. Her first game with FJ Dickhut was amazing :) Will you post it in your blog?
    Have fun on the EGC!

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