Bergen Open, 30 June — 1 July

Some time has already passed, but I’m now returning to report from the Bergen Open tournament that was held two weeks ago. This was the first tournament that a Norwegian friend of mine, who I first met in China three years ago, organized — and if I may say, certainly not the last! This was more of a smaller club tournament. Me and Juri (Finnish 5 dan, both NGA teachers) got invited to play and teach at the tournament, while the other participants were ranked 2 dan and under. The total number of players came to 19 people. I won the decisive match against Juri, in a sense getting revenge for my previous loss to him at Takapotku, and claimed the first place of the tournament. This time I’ll pass on game commentaries, and instead write from the future potential perspective:

Bergen has some spectacular sights to see. An example here is the Rozenkranztårnet in the downtown.
This is what you could call a standard view from Bergen's city centre. I'm somewhat jealous that Bergen has the same number of inhabitants as Helsinki (around 500 000), yet Bergen has a lot of architecture like this, while Helsinki's is universally much more boring.

I’m sure everybody knows that Bergen is a really famous Norwegian tourist city. I even proposed to the Norwegians to hold a European Go Congress in Bergen sometime, eg. year 2020!

This is the modest view from close by to the tournament venue of Bergen Open. I wouldn't mind living here! The mountain in the photo was referred to as the "Witch mountain". Many bad puns on the name followed.
This is the playing venue of Bergen Open, actually a kindergarten. Rumor says that it was cost effective, plus it can easily hold 100 players, and even has a kitchen with cooking utensils. Also, there's a supermarket 50 m away!

Since the playing venue and its vicinity were so great, even though a bit out from Bergen’s city centre (around 10 km), if the accommodation problem could be tackled, I could see a big tournament taking place here. Bergen Open 2013 is coming, hopefully many readers will be able to attend! I for one am surely going back.

This is the playing area used in Bergen Open 2012. The kitchen is connected to this room.
This is the second room in the building, this time used for game reviews. With a big number of players, this could become the main playing room, easily holding 50-100 players.
Some go was played, too!
On the last free day in Bergen, we climbed the Witch mountain. It took maybe two hours to get to the final summit, and the view was really spectacular! Back in this photo, at the bay, you can see Bergen's downtown area.

By now, it seems certain that me and Juri will attend the tournament again next year, and will attempt to bring at least some 10-20 Finnish players along!

5 thoughts on “Bergen Open, 30 June — 1 July”

  1. What a beautiful venue! Did any players come from Oslo, Trondheim or the other larger cities of Norway. I know there’s some inter-city rivalry. It’s nice to see Bergen leading the pack. :-)

    1. Beautiful indeed it was! If language wasn’t a barrier, I might be ready to move to Bergen just because of the sights alone. :)

      If I recall right, there were a few players from Oslo, but none (or at most one) from Trondheim.

  2. Hi !

    Does the game on the 7th photo correspond to the egc 2011 final, between Catalin and Shishkin ? I study it some months ago and i’ve a pretty good memory about the shapes of the stones :)

    1. Now that you mention it, it is indeed the same game! It seems I took the photo during the time of round number one, too, so there may be a mystery to unravel. :)

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