European Go Congress 2012, Bonn, part 3

(Continuing from part 2.)

Towards the end of the go congress, I started to lose the speed I had at the start. Maybe an additional reason was that Jeff returned to Finland after the main tournament’s seventh round, which suddenly left me without a physical coach (we communicated via the internet after Jeff’s departure). Be the reason what it may, in the last three rounds I did significantly worse than in some of the earlier main tournament games, and I only managed to get one win out of three games. This left me at the sixth place in the European Championship tournament. On the positive side, my overall result still wasn’t bad, and since I didn’t reach my goal of either the third place or seven wins out of ten, I have something more to achieve next year.

On the weekend in the middle of the congress, we made an excursion with my friends to a small mountain, called the Dragon Rock, which wasn't too far away from the congress venue. The ruins visible on the top of the hill were our main target. The mountain was maybe four-five hundred meters high.
Sadly, we didn't catch a glimpse of the dragon that they warned about.
There was also a nice little lizard-themed museum and zoo on the mountain, which also included this (supposedly) petrified dragon.
The ruins were indeed quite impressive to gaze upon!
As Germany is the home country of the late Hans Pietsch, six dan professional, it was fitting that there was a memorial stand for him at the congress venue. I read most of the articles and stories about him that were also included, and couldn't help taking a photo of his 6 dan diploma.

Here’s two more game records of mine from the congress. The first one is against Song Jun Hyop 7 dan, who won all his games in the congress — I had a good chance to win until late in the game — and the second is against Thomas Debarre 6 dan, which was the single most important round for me in the whole tournament. Comments for the first game are from me and Jeff, and for the second game are from Huang Yizhong 7 dan (translated from the review in German which was published on the congress website).

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  1. Your blog is great!

    It would be even better if you had a list of your upcoming and recent tournaments on the side bar.

    btw Sixth place is not bad at all! Congrats!

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