Self-study, self-study

Ever since I returned from Japan, getting a lot of self-study in has gotten more and more important for me. As you may remember, I got a tremendous gift from Mimura-sensei in late March this year, and have every since been busy at making use of it. The Fujisawa game collection I received consists of twelve kifu books, all of which have about 150 commented games. Right now, I’m finishing book number two, meaning 300 reviewed professional games up till now.

Along with reviewing professional games, I still try to do 30-60 minutes of tsumego daily, and play in tournaments whenever possible. I have somehow come to abhor playing on the internet, possibly because I experienced in Japan that it’s possible to get around even without doing it (and a real board and opponent sure make for a better playing experience!).

Since, for me, professional games are now the word of the day (or week, or month, or year), I patched up a small professional game reviewing guide for the reader’s perusal. I’d be interested in receiving comments for it, too!

In addition, here is a sample from the Fujisawa collection I’m going through. The game is from year 1957, between two of my favorite players, Fujisawa Hideyuki and Sakata Eio. I have translated and included most of the commentary included in the book, and added several notes of my own to clarify some things up. For an optimal experience, you may first want to read the above-mentioned professional game study guide. Enjoy!

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