World Student Go Oza game review 1

It’s a bit overdue, but here’s a review of my game with Youwhan Kim from the World Student Go Oza! Most of the comments are my impression, but a few of the impressions are by the Nihon Ki-in English class attending professional players.

I’ll aim to review one or two games more from the tournament before long. Next up in line is the important, decisive match I played on the fourth round with Taiwan!

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Did the game evoke any feelings or impressions? Please leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “World Student Go Oza game review 1”

  1. Very nice game and review!
    I think white played very calm even though black wanted to complicate things.
    I wonder about two moves.
    First, after white’s approach at R14, how about to pincer there? With this you should be able to develop top and right side and it’s more active than R16.
    E3 seems too passive to me. Black’s group isn’t in danger so maybe play something on the left?!
    But well, I’m only a weak kyu player so I’m probably wrong or can’t fully understand you choices 😉

  2. As a mere 5 kyu, I will say that your tenacity and willingness to complicate the game and avoid typical continuations was inspiring to see. In addition, your explanation of your fuseki choices/mistakes was very helpful. The middle game of course was a little bit more lost on me, but a great review overall. Thank you!

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