April fools tsumego

All problems are black to play. Enjoy!

Problem 1: Mid to high kyu players

Problem 2: High kyu to low dan players

Problem 3: Mid to high dan players

Problem 4: Mid to high dan players

Problem 5: Mid to high dan players

14 thoughts on “April fools tsumego”

  1. These are a bit out of my skill range, but I have to ask what program you’re using to generate these diagrams! They’re gorgeous!

    1. Indeed, and the result is a peculiar seki shape. Black indeed *must* ignore white’s f1, as any black move inside will kill his own group.

  2. Problem 3:
    Doesn’t B-B1 create a dead corner shape?
    For example:
    B-B1, W-A2, B-A4, W-A3, B-E1, W-F2, B-F1, W-G2, B-G1, W-H1, B-D1
    B-B1, W-A2, B-A4, W-F2, B-F1, W-E1, B-A3

    Antti, more fantastic problems, BTW. Thank you so much!

  3. Problem 5:
    I’m sure I’m missing White’s toughest defense, because the lone Black stone doesn’t participate in any of my variations. However, the sequences below are probably close, because White runs into so many liberty shortages.

    For example:
    B-C3 W-B1 B-B3 W-A3 B-C1 W-C2 B-B2 W-D1 B-D3 W-A1 B-G1 W-C1 B-A5 W-B4 B-B5 W-C4 B-C5
    B-C3 W-C2 B-B2 W-B3 B-B1 W-D3 B-D1 W-C1 B-G1
    B-C3 W-B2 B-C2 W-C1 B-G1 W-D1 B-B1 W-A1 B-D3 W-B1 B-A3 W-B3 B-B4
    B-C3 W-C1 B-B1 W-B2 B-C2 W-A1 B-G1 W-D1 B-D3 W-B1 B-A3 W-B3 B-B4

      1. How am I going to solve your problems, if you propose intriguing refutations? 😉

        Using the aji of Black’s lone stone is going to be challenging for this average kyu player.

  4. Problem 2:
    Black seems to have a ko:
    B-B1 W-C1 B-A3 W-B3 B-B4 W-D2 B-A2, but White takes 1st.
    B-B1 W-C2 (inferior) B-B3 W-A3 B-A2 W-A1 B-D2 W-B4, and Black takes 1st and has local ko threats.

    (BTW, Black also seems to have a ko starting with the symmetrical B-A1.)

    1. That’s interesting, I didn’t realize b1 and a2 as first move could work, too. The ridiculous a1, the symmetry point, is the textbook answer.

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