Elusive tsumego

Jeff recently returned to China for a short period of time, and brought several tsumego books as a souvenir. One of them turned out to be excellent practice, with a lot of the problems being Igo Hatsuyo-ron level, but with relatively uncommon shapes.

In general, classic tsumego collections don’t give me too big of a challenge anymore, because I’m more or less familiar with the shapes—there’s only a limited amount of those, and once you’ve seen a big portion of them, remembering them also gets fairly easy. This book, however, still regularly confounds me with tesuji that I haven’t seen before, or at least the way of application seems novel. Below is the front cover of the book.



Just a picture of the front cover won’t do, will it? Here’s also a sample tsumego image and a solution sgf. This particular tsumego is one of the “easier” ones.



[sgfPrepared id=”0″]

I’ll take it as a challenge to try to read through the book during my summer holiday—that’ll mean doing almost 20 problems a day!

6 thoughts on “Elusive tsumego”

  1. Sounds like one tough book, have fun with your 20 problems a day pace :)

    How has it been balancing university and go studies – are you still planning on returning to Japan (for go) in the future?

    And although it’s a bit early, good luck with EGC 2013!

    1. Thanks!

      I’ve somehow been able to balance quite well between university and go—though I didn’t succeed at my goal of getting my degree by end of spring. I’ve got 11 credits left to do in the autumn, and after that I’ll consider myself free. :)

      I’m still interested in going back to Japan to continue as insei, but there are a few open questions that need to be resolved (I expect to have a clearer image on the practicalities by the end of August).

  2. What about G1 instead of the throw-in at H4? I think the result is still a ko unless I’m mistaken.

    btw, this was a cool problem/explanation – I hope you’ll post more :-)

    1. G1 gives the same shortage of liberties as displayed two times before in this treatment, after WJ1, BH1, WH4, BH3.

      Not that I solved this tsumego myself!

  3. That looks like a great book to improve your reading. Too bad it’s way beyond my reach at the moment! =D

    If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious as to what your daily training regimen is for go (e.g., life and death problems, replaying games, etc.)?

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