Takapotku tournament final

Today I’m sharing with you an analysis of my decisive Takapotku tournament game with Jeff. If you’re not familiar with it, the Takapotku tournament is the largest, annual Finnish go tournament that also used to be part of the EGF European cup. The included comments about the game are partly my own thoughts, and partly thought out with Jeff.

The game had numerous twists and turns—if I had to think of a suitable attribute word for it, I’d probably come up with “rollercoaster”. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Takapotku tournament final”

  1. Excuse me, if black plays J10 for move 271, aiming at the G10 throw-in. Would that not, sort of, win the game?

    I probably hallucinate. If it worked, you would have found it easily. :}

  2. Thanks for the quick reply and congratulations to a really great performance on EGC! We were cheering for you in Svenska rummet on KGS.

  3. This game and your commentary was commented in the German go journal – as you probably know. Did you get this? (Maybe I could provide a translation, if you not already have one.)

    Congratulations also for your last performances, you seem in formidable shape (just ready to become insei again?)

    1. Indeed! Tobias sent me a pdf of the article—I know some German, having studied it for some eight years, and was able to read it quite fine.

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