European go congress 2013, days 3-4

The congress continued well on my part after the first weekend. On round 2, I faced Alexej Lazarev 6 dan, who I had also played against in the Takapotku tournament in Helsinki recently, and on round 3 I got to play my first tournament game against Artem Kachanovskyi 7 dan of Ukraine. Both games were quite eventful, but I was able to wrap both of them up in my favor—the game records are included below with short commentaries.

Similar to last year’s congress in Bonn, I’m not really participating in the congress side events; instead I’m using the spare time to relax, in order to better concentrate on the main tournament.

On Tuesday, after having won against Artem, I met up with Kuma-sensei and Ginny (acquaintances and friends from my insei time in Japan—Kuma, real name Shiung Feng, is a 6 dan professional who has given me great guidance on how to improve further at go). Mitani-sensei (Mitani Tetsuya, 7 dan professional) was present as well, though I’d already met him one day earlier. We went off to a local restaurant not far from the congress venue and had a really fun dinner together.

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