European go congress 2013, games 4-5

Now that the congress is over and I’m still backlogging with uploading the commented games, I’ll switch away from diary-styled writing. Games 4 and 5 against Pavol Lisy and Fan Hui respectively, here you go!

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6 thoughts on “European go congress 2013, games 4-5”

    1. Black gets an additional liberty because white will have to connect at g8. Sequence: k4 l4 k4 k5 g5 m1 n1 p1 k1 o1 m1 g2, and white loses the capturing race 3-2.

  1. In the Pavlov game, move 234, why doesn’t white simply aim for capturing R8 with R7? I tried going through the alternatives and I only find a reasonable situation where, depending on the end game, white gets a net gain of 0-3 points.

    1. Now that I think about it, there doesn’t seem to be any reason not to play r7, as you say—and I’m also fairly sure that I would have played it in the actual game, so this is probably a recording mistake.

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