Bachelor’s thesis, Chapter 5; Gothenburg Open in the weekend

Chapter 5 of my Bachelor’s thesis, “Expertise in chess and Go”, is now out at the thesis essay page!

I unfortunately will not have time to upload Chapter 6, “Conclusion”, or Attachment A, “Basics of Go” with a similarly quick pace, as I’m traveling to Gothenburg tomorrow in order to play (and teach) at their annual tournament. You can expect a tournament overview similar to last year, afterwards, however!

Bachelor’s thesis, Chapter 3 uploaded

As the title says, I’ve now translated and uploaded Chapter 3 of the thesis here on Go of Ten.. Different approaches to the research on expertise are presented, and these approaches will be applied to chess and Go in the following chapters. The next chapter, “Expertise and memory”, may well be the one that I found the most interesting out of the whole thesis!

Bachelor’s thesis

About one year ago, I did my Bachelor’s thesis (in Finnish) on expertise, using my skills in go as a way to approach the subject. Now, later than I’d originally planned, I’m finally getting around to translating the thesis into English! Those who are interested in learning how to become an expert on a given topic, steer forward to the third Go of Ten essay! So far I have chapters 1 and 2 translated, and I’ll try to be as quick as possible with the remaining four!

Update, 28 October 2013: The original, Finnish version can be downloaded here.

Hans Pietsch Memorial, rest of the game reviews

After a longish pause, here come the rest of the reviews of my Hans Pietsch Memorial tournament games! Seeing as how Csaba Mero, main organizer of the tournament, put up a great report of the tournament, including some photos and also game reviews from the last three rounds, I will direct you there instead of writing my own versions.

In addition to the review of the first game that I posted earlier, then, here come the reviews ofmy round 2 and 3 games, against Ondrej Silt and Cornel Burzo respectively. Some of the opening game commentary is courtesy of my teacher, Kobayashi Chizu 5 dan professional.

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Hans Pietsch Memorial, round 1 review

Last weekend I was playing the Hans Pietsch memorial tournament in Budapest, Hungary. I originally intended the trip to provide for several good games and a chance to talk with my teacher, Kobayashi Chizu 5 dan, about the possibility of becoming insei again (more about that in another post, sometime much later). It however happened that I ended up winning the whole tournament, with a 6-0 score! Originally I had expected to place somewhere near third.

For those who don’t know Hans Pietsch, I recommend reading an article on him at Sensei’s library. In a nutshell, Hans was a German player, student of Kobayashi Chizu, who became professional in the 1990s. He died tragically in an armed robbery in Guatemala in 2003, after which it’s become a tradition to hold an annual memorial tournament for him in Europe. He was a rather strong professional, too, having for example beaten Yoda Norimoto, Meijin in the LG cup.

In this post, I’m including a quick commentary of my first-round game against Ali Jabarin 6 dan of Israel, with more reviews to come later. Enjoy!

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