Hans Pietsch Memorial, round 1 review

Last weekend I was playing the Hans Pietsch memorial tournament in Budapest, Hungary. I originally intended the trip to provide for several good games and a chance to talk with my teacher, Kobayashi Chizu 5 dan, about the possibility of becoming insei again (more about that in another post, sometime much later). It however happened that I ended up winning the whole tournament, with a 6-0 score! Originally I had expected to place somewhere near third.

For those who don’t know Hans Pietsch, I recommend reading an article on him at Sensei’s library. In a nutshell, Hans was a German player, student of Kobayashi Chizu, who became professional in the 1990s. He died tragically in an armed robbery in Guatemala in 2003, after which it’s become a tradition to hold an annual memorial tournament for him in Europe. He was a rather strong professional, too, having for example beaten Yoda Norimoto, Meijin in the LG cup.

In this post, I’m including a quick commentary of my first-round game against Ali Jabarin 6 dan of Israel, with more reviews to come later. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Hans Pietsch Memorial, round 1 review”

  1. Congrats on your success, Tien. You have a beautiful Go style!

    Also great blog. I enjoy reading your posts and game reviews, when I have the time.


  2. Hi!

    I think often in your sgfs the best part has been the opening blurb, outlining past games or your thoughts before the game. I remember some of EGC games had that kind of “I know he’s good at fighting so I’ll try to keep it simple” comment. It brings more “psychological” depth into following the game.

    Also in the end it is always nice to see a summary comment of what happened. I often browse the games (at work…) through kind of quickly so it would be super useful. As the old rhetoric device goes: first you tell the audience what they’re about to hear, then you tell them, and then you tell them what you just told them (:

    Thanks for great kifus!

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