Late night tsumego

This endgame position (found in a real game on KGS between two of my friends) ended up using most of my free time this night. What do you think—is there a way for white to break into the black territory or not? Or can black defend successfully?


12 thoughts on “Late night tsumego”

  1. At a glance of maybe 10 minutes, seems impossible for white to break in. The cutting points at 6-3 (h-w) and 4-5 look like the only possibility for complications, but I couldn’t find a viable attack from white that would work, not counting a black mistake of course.

  2. 1) d9 e9 d8 e8 f8 e7 j8 h8 h7 j7 g8 j8 j5
    2) d9 e9 d8 g8 e8 f9 f8 g9 g7 j8 b8
    2.1) c8 c7 a8 c6
    2.2) a8 c6 c7 d6 d7 e6 e7 f7
    3) d9 f9 g8 f8 j8 g7 h8 h6 (I coudn’t find more effective attack for W after d9 f9, so it’s probably best defence for B)

    1. Hmm, d9 e9 d8 g8 *squeeze* b8 c7 and W fails. Alternatively, d9 e9 g8 h7 doesn’t work too. This requires more thinking…

  3. Thank you for a great problem, it’s a very interesting position! But I must say that once you know that this is a problem (and so white must have some tesuji) it’s not that difficult, it took me about 20 minutes for this solution: D9 E9 J8 H8 F8 (first tesuji) G8 D8 F9 E8 G9 F7 (second tesuji). Black can resist with G7 but after simply F6, C6 and H6 are miai for white. I hope I didn’t misread something badly.

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