3 thoughts on “Late night tsumego, continued”

  1. These are too difficult xD No wonder you spent the whole evening reading it 😛

    How long do you think it takes for a pro player to read the original problem out?

  2. I don’t know if this is the answer you are looking for, but if white plays B8, black can’t play C8, the best black can do, is A8, C6, C7, D6, D7, E6, E7, F7, black stones are dead, i wonder if i miss something, it took me 10 minutes.

    wait, an easier version of this, white plays F7, which a sente, black has to do something to save the bulky group, otherwise, white plays H7-J7-G7-J8-J5, black stones dead. so if black saves the bulky group, white plays C6, then no matter what black does, black territory would be broken

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