Gothenburg Open 2013

Similar to last year, I visited Gothenburg this autumn, too, in order to participate in (and teach at) their annual tournament. Gothenburg Open ranks very high in my list of enjoyable tournaments thanks to its friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic organizers. This year I was accompanied by Jeff, the both of us having gotten an invitation to hold a few lectures during the tournament (last year I was teaching with Benjamin Teuber 6 dan). Jeff didn’t play in the tournament, however, and as Fredrik Blomback 6 dan didn’t turn in either (rumours had said otherwise), my main contestant for the win was the Chinese Yaqi Fu, also 6 dan. We met in the tournament on the third round and played a relatively peaceful game, which I won in the end. The review of the game, with thoughts from both me and Jeff, is included below.

Slottsberggymnasiet, the tournament venue
Slottsberggymnasiet, the tournament venue

Top players' room
Top players’ room
Jeff lecturing about a game by Kobayashi Koichi and
Jeff lecturing about a game by Kobayashi Koichi and O Rissei

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7 thoughts on “Gothenburg Open 2013”

    1. Thanks!

      I somehow didn’t feel the championship important to me anymore, especially what with my current plans to become insei again next year if all goes well.

  1. I am just around 1-3k but I finally understood why knowing if you’re leading in territory in such games or not is so important haha, thanks for uploading and commenting it, nice game!

  2. Hello,

    Congrats on your 7 dan promotion. I would like to hear some of your thoughts about your promotion because there are not so many 7 dans in Europe. For example, when did you realize that you had the potential to become a 7 dan? Was it something that you had always aimed for? Do you think that people expect more from you now that you are 7dan? Please share your thoughts :)

    7 dan must be a HUGE thing. As a Finn at least I am very proud of you :-) Way to go man :)


    1. Thanks!

      In the end, my expectations as a whole went from “becoming 7d must be too difficult” to suddenly “wait what, my gor will be over 2650 after this tournament” to “yeah okay, seems the Go Association has better things to do than promote me, so forget about it”. Possibly as a consequence, I don’t now feel really different from when I was 6 dan, and I think it maybe better to remain that way—after all, 7 dan hardly is the end stop, here. :)

  3. Heya, I saw in your KGS profile that you’re be going to become an insei again. Would you give your readers some insight on your upcoming plans in a future blog post? And congratulations are in order too, I suppose :)

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