Back to Japan

Hi folks! It’s been a long time I didn’t write here, but now I’m glad to say that:

  • Tomorrow I’m flying back to Japan, where I’ll continue my studies as insei starting next weekend!
  • What’s more, I get to start directly from C class due to my performance last time around (usually after such a long break, one would have to start from scratch).
  • From now on, I’ll get back to writing weekly updates on insei life and on the Nihon Ki-in English class meetings!

Stay tuned for future posts!



14 thoughts on “Back to Japan”

  1. Good luck with your insei studies! Please come back stronger and better. Take care and I hope to see you one day in Norway :)

  2. Back to Japan? That’s brilliant. Give ’em a right thrashing and make your way to A class, will you!

  3. Great, looking forward to your future updates!

    How has it been keeping up with your go practise in Finland compared to Japan where you were (and soon will be again) surrounded by strong players and pros all the time? Do you feel you’re now clearly stronger than the first time around?

    1. I do feel that I’m clearly stronger now than the first time around, but that’s probably not due to the training I did in Finland in between; it has overall been quite difficult to get serious training done in Finland, as the environment for it is not quite nearly as supportive as in Japan. Historically, whenever I’ve trained extensively for a longer period of time, I’ve seen the best results some half a year after stopping with the extensive training.

  4. I’m quite excited to read about your future experiences – after all the previous reports were also splendid. On the other hand, I would be happy if we could meet, and talk personally, and also play while you are in Japan. I regretted that I didn’t ask you before and now you came back. How about the forthcoming Golden Week, for example?

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