End of April, Golden week, Kamakura

April’s insei games got finished last weekend. My final score was 16 wins to 8 losses (last weekend was five wins and one loss), which just barely wasn’t enough to get promoted to the B class: one of my two competitors losing their last game would have sufficed. As such, I will now start at seat #4 in the C class next month. Meanwhile, Leon was able to keep his place in the D class with about 50% winning ratio. Below is the almost-final results sheet from the C class. Edit 4.5.2014: Apparently showing the results is not allowed, and the sheet is now removed. Right now Japan is celebrating Golden week, a series of national holidays that provides the longest continuous yearly holiday aside from the summer holiday. Consequently we don’t have insei training this week, and many Japanese people take time off to go on holiday trips and sightseeing. Yesterday on Saturday, then, me, Tom from the Nihon Ki-in, Leon and Leon’s German friend Nico went on a day trip to Kamakura, roughly an hour’s train ride away from Tokyo. The day was almost ideal for such a trip, aside for the fact that a huge number of Japanese people had come up with the same idea.

At the Kenchōji temple in Kamakura: Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru played one of their jūbango games in the house barely visible in the photo
Sweet potato flavoured gelato: a local speciality, apparently. While it certainly tastes weird, it’s surprisingly edible!
The main focus of the sightseeing trip, the 13-meter-tall world’s second-largest Buddha statue

Other activities of the week included participating in several go meetings organized by my teacher, Kobayashi Chizu-sensei, and participating in a go study meeting at Mitani-sensei’s place, which among others included playing rengo with Leon, Ōba Junya and Matsumoto Takehisa. Finally, below are two of my last weekend’s insei games with professional commentaries.


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4 thoughts on “End of April, Golden week, Kamakura”

  1. Ah! So close to getting promoted to B class!! Nonetheless, awesome record and hope that you’ll be able to get promoted next time!

    The trip looked like a blast! Sweet potato gelato definitely sounds odd, but something I wouldn’t mind trying!

  2. In the first game, is the result in top left after move 23 considered even? I’m a SDK player myself, but I’m quite sure I wouldn’t like my position if I played white. Are there advantages to white’s play that I don’t see?

    1. The result is considered even alright, and I don’t think there’s anything special hidden in the result.

      Note that after black 23 black has used one more stone in the corner area, so of course his result will appear locally better; on the other hand, a cutting point remains at c11 later for white to exploit (and if black goes back to fix it at some point, then black will have spent two more moves than white in the corner area). As white in the game, I was content with having lived in sente and gotten ten points of territory while at it.

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