Questions and answers, insei edition

I’ve had a short break from the insei studies now; next week, the April league, and my final month as insei for now, begins. How time flies! How many of the readers remember the questions and answers blog post series? I’ve gotten some really interesting questions that I’d rather answer in a blog post rather than … Continue reading “Questions and answers, insei edition”

Questions and answers, part five

Here goes part five! As usual, new questions and inquiries are to be written as comments to this post. Hi Ten, I wanted to do some questions for the next series of questions and answers: First i really want to know your age only because i’m curious (Cause i readed that you wanted to go … Continue reading “Questions and answers, part five”

Questions and answers, part four

I figured it’s about time to continue the questions and answers post series, the last one having been posted almost two months ago. And the whole blog has been up and going for almost three months already! Nice. As usual, please write new questions and inquiries as comments to this post – I’ll try to … Continue reading “Questions and answers, part four”

Questions and answers, part three; the 6-4 point

Hello world! Now I finally found the time to answer to Michi’s query regarding the 6-4 point. Like with normally with the questions and answers series, please write new questions as comments to this blog post! First off, I compiled an sgf file (updated on 10 November 2011!) with some more normal variations along with my … Continue reading “Questions and answers, part three; the 6-4 point”

Questions and answers, part two

Long time no see! I got a nice amount of questions in the first part of this blog post series, and will now address them. Once you think of new questions, please write them as comments for this post! Phew, this is one long entry! Please do try to overcome the “too long, didn’t read” … Continue reading “Questions and answers, part two”

Questions and answers, part one

Hi everyone! To get even more activity to this blog, I’m now introducing a questions and answers blog post series. The idea is, that readers can get answers to go-related questions from an experienced player, and in exchange I’ll get ideas for subjects to write new blog posts about. Thus, you are welcome to ask … Continue reading “Questions and answers, part one”

3-3 strategy; Pandanet European Team Championships, round three

Today’s post’s theme revolves around strategy based on the 3-3 point, as per Joachim’s inquiry. The example game in question was played yesterday in the Pandanet European Team Championships: I defeated Catalin Taranu of Romania by resignation, getting revenge for my loss to him in the European Go Congress 2010. The game this time was … Continue reading “3-3 strategy; Pandanet European Team Championships, round three”

Irish go congress report

Long time no write! I’m now back from one month of quite intensive university studying, and also from a six-day trip to Dublin. Ireland was a completely new experience to me, and also a really nice one: I very much liked the feel to Dublin as well as the architecture, not to mention the natural … Continue reading “Irish go congress report”

On the philosophy of go

Good evening! It’s time for some philosophy! Sorry, Michi, I’ll leave answering to your query for a bit later – the 6-4 corner stone is pretty often seen today – I know many people who use it as well – and I’d like to cover it thoroughly once I start covering it at all. Please … Continue reading “On the philosophy of go”

Preparing for Rabbity six, part two

Hi there! Today is a time for more professional game analysis. There are already a good number of questions sent, but I’ll wait a few more days if even more appear, and then answer them at one time! Some people might’ve seen me play an interesting game against smartrobot on KGS last Monday – I’m … Continue reading “Preparing for Rabbity six, part two”