Studies and future plans

Time sure flies! It’s already one month since my last post. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything very productive for this update either, but I thought it best to write about what’s going on.

As you may by now guess, my current biggest time constraints come from my university studies that have been going on since the start of September. I’m attempting to get my bachelor’s degree done during the current year, which means that in addition to my otherwise big number of courses to complete, I also have a bachelor’s thesis to write. Luckily for me, however, the thesis is related to go: its subject is vaguely “expertise: what is it, and how does it develop — approached from skill-based board games’ point of view”. In roughly one and a half months, I should have about 25 pages of literature research written!

While I am indeed busy with studying, I cannot let myself have a break from go. So, while I’ve cut down on my online go activities, I still quite regularly attend Finnish go club meetings, review pro games and do tsumego. Also, eg. during the following weekend, I’ll play at the second Finnish championship preliminary. You should in fact be able to follow some game relays on KGS!

The next Gooften essay is still on its way, though I’m starting to have an idea for it in my head. Also, lately I’ve been fiddling around with the idea of writing a go book — I’ve done quite a bit of go teaching during the last few years, and together with the theory of expertise that I’m studying lately, I get the feeling I should be able to write something more or less instructive. If I were to start writing the book, it would approach the game from very general points of view, explaining fundamental strategy and tactics on several levels. Imagine Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go, but with somewhat different topics, and maybe going more into detail. In fact, I might co-write the book together with the other Nordic Go Academy teachers.

That’s all I’ve to share for now. Hopefully I can soon get back to writing more here!