World Amateur Pair Go Championship, 3—4 November, and return visit to Japan

Last Sunday I returned from my first visit to Japan, after my period as insei earlier this year. We’d qualified with my girlfriend to be the Finnish representatives for the World Amateur Pair Go Championship, held in Tokyo, and while we were at it, we stayed in Tokyo for a little bit of extra time afterwards. I’m not sure if it’s odd or not, but this time around, visiting Tokyo felt almost like returning home.

The pair go championship was held in Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo, a higher-class hotel. I’d in fact “gatecrashed” the championship tournament already one year ago (it was held at the same venue), back when I was insei, so how the tournament operated was already quite familiar to me. 32 pairs took part this year. The tournament organizers had asked for all the pairs to bring with them a national costume to be clad in during the friendship match on Saturday 3rd November, which made for quite a show:

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European Go Congress 2012, Bonn, part 2

(Continuing from part 1)

Definitely one of the best things at the congress this year for me was the chance to meet again many of the people who I’d grown fond of while I was an insei in Japan. This included English class professionals, and just like in Japan, I continued to get my games reviewed by them. We did use the opportunity to go touring together a bit, too, and had a few restaurant evenings together as well. I did my best to introduce the professionals to Nikola Mitic of Serbia, who is becoming an insei this October (and who’ll likely be the next person who’ll get his games commented by them).

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