Newsflash: Finnish championship final 10-11 December

It hasn’t been advertised very publicly, but the final stage of the Finnish championship 2011 tournament is played just this weekend. The two players with the best results in the Finnish championship league, Javier-Aleksi Savolainen 5 dan and Vesa Laatikainen 5 dan, play a best of three match to determine the Finnish champion of 2011. Game number one is scheduled for Saturday, 11:15 AM EET time, number two for Saturday, 15:15 PM EET time, and number three, if necessary, for Sunday, 11:15 AM EET time. The games will be broadcast live on KGS in Sauna room by the FinFinal account, and on EuroGoTV-FI. Please come watch and enjoy the show! I will be definitely following the games as well, once I get back home from the Nihon Ki-in.

Upcoming Kaya Go Server

While generally disliking this manner of advertising, I thought it acceptable to write a notification post for my readers regarding the up-and-coming new internet go server, the Kaya Go Server. As of now, their webpage doesn’t provide too much evidence on how the new server will be better than the current, popular ones such as Kiseido Go Server, World Baduk and Tygem baduk, but the newcomer certainly promises a lot. I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that Wbaduk’s and Tygem’s user interfaces, for instance, are quite horrifying, KGS (The old one!) being superior to them in nearly every aspect, and that KGS itself needn’t stop its services at what they provide now. Web browser accessibility would be a welcome addition, as would be an iOS port. Even more, I personally dream of the possibility to have my game database in the cloud, easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Kaya Go Server’s ambition seems big enough, but it’ll certainly be a while, still, before we’ll know how it turns out. Even if the service itself will be top-notch in quality of the software, it’ll take years to establish a user base comparable to that of KGS — and Wbaduk and Tygem may be completely out of reach without some really big sponsors. The new KGS is currently looking for donations to make the big dream possible, though their explanation for the need of money is at the moment a bit elusive. Putting up a whole new server is obviously a lot of work in itself with all the coding work needed, but there are hardware-related questions to be answered as well; for instance, a server computer is badly needed. In any case, personally I’m looking very much forward to what the new KGS can provide, and wish the very best for it.

Preparing for the London Open Go Congress

Long time no see, everyone! The past ten days have been increasingly busy for me, what with the Finnish Championship league (where I managed to get a 5/5 result) and the university exam week. Now, however, I’m officially on Christmas holiday!

Next up in my tournament calendar is the London Open Go Congress, where I’ll be fiercely fighting for the first place. Now that I’ve free time, I’ll probably play some games in the internet (KGS or wbaduk) as a preparation, as well as review some more professional games – probably by Nie Weiping. The Finnish Championship final will be held on 15-16 January: a best-of-three match with Javier-Aleksi Savolainen. The games will surely be broadcasted on KGS.

I’ve no real game-related content for this update, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting some more tonight – maybe a review from the Korean Ambassadors’ Cup tournament, or from the Finnish Championship league. Fast readers can make requests here about which game I’ll review, and about what I’ll be focusing on in the review!

The approaching Finnish Championship, 10-12 December

This weekend, starting on Friday, is the Finnish Championship tournament. There are six players who all play each other, and the two best play a best-of-three final at a later date. While I’m also playing in the Championship tournament, next week is an exam week at my university, so I’ll be fairly busy for the next nine days – likely I’ll have no time to write a blog post during this time, unless I get especially motivated.

On Friday I’m against Mikko Siukola 4 dan, who I also played at the Rabbity six tournament two weeks ago. On Saturday I’m up against Namii 5 dan and ErgoProxy 5 dan from KGS, and on Sunday my opponents are Finland’s old foxes Lauri 4 dan and Vesa 5 dan. No game in this tournament will be easy, but as usual, I won’t be playing simply to win, but to learn more instead!

All games are likely shown on KGS, but I have information yet on which accounts shall be used. They’ll be at the top of the active game list, anyway, so getting online on time is enough. Friday’s game is 19:00 GMT +2, while Saturday’s and Sunday’s games are 10:30 and 15:00 GMT +2. Please come watch and cheer on me! :)

Preparing for Rabbity six, part three: learning from past mistakes

Long time no write! The past week has been a bit busy for me, hence the small amount of posts here. Right now I’m in Tampere, ready to play in the Rabbity six tournament which begins tomorrow. I decided to share with you readers what I reviewed with Jeff concerning the game I played with smartrobot on KGS last week. I had black in the game.

Generally, I thought the game was very good, the number of noticeable mistakes being rather small for both. Apart from this game, I’ve played several other games as a preparing for the tournament – also in the European Team Championship tournament on IGS. My general feeling is that I’m pretty much in top shape now!

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Questions and answers, part two

Long time no see! I got a nice amount of questions in the first part of this blog post series, and will now address them. Once you think of new questions, please write them as comments for this post!

Phew, this is one long entry! Please do try to overcome the “too long, didn’t read” feeling – I feel like I wrote a lot of useful and important text for all go players!

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Preparing for Rabbity six, part two

Hi there! Today is a time for more professional game analysis. There are already a good number of questions sent, but I’ll wait a few more days if even more appear, and then answer them at one time! Some people might’ve seen me play an interesting game against smartrobot on KGS last Monday – I’m planning on reviewing that one here a bit later, as well.

Today’s game is played by the enigmatic pro player whom I named to have had the biggest impact on my style. He’s playing black in the game – can you guess who he is? The game itself is very interesting, with many nice strategical ideas.

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