World Student Go Oza game review 2

Here’s the second game review of my World Student Go Oza games! This time we’re seeing my fourth-round game against the Taiwanese female representative. This game effectively decided the third place in the final rankings.

This time, the comments are purely my own feelings and speculation.

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If you have some thoughts or opinions about the game, please leave a comment!

World Student Go Oza game review 1

It’s a bit overdue, but here’s a review of my game with Youwhan Kim from the World Student Go Oza! Most of the comments are my impression, but a few of the impressions are by the Nihon Ki-in English class attending professional players.

I’ll aim to review one or two games more from the tournament before long. Next up in line is the important, decisive match I played on the fourth round with Taiwan!

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Did the game evoke any feelings or impressions? Please leave a comment!

11th World Student Go Oza

This week I participated in the 11th World Student Go Oza Championship, held annually in Tokyo, Japan. I’d won the right to represent Europe in an internet qualifier tournament last December, effectively using up a day playing go when I should have been finishing my bachelor’s degree presentation.

The whole business about the tournament became a sum of good tradeoffs: by participating in the qualifier, I (again) got a free trip to Japan, and while I caught a flu last Thursday and still wasn’t completely healthy by the time I was supposed to fly to Tokyo last Sunday, it paid off by me finally ending up on the third place! According to the organizers, that’s the best result for a European representative so far.

With this, my trophy shelf again increases in size.

The results of the tournament can be found on Nikkei’s web page, together with all of the game records. I imagine the readers will be interested in at least my games with the Korean and Taiwanese representatives. About these, I’m planning to include commented sgf files on this blog later.